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Who we are…


Vernon Location
2905 33 St. Vernon. BC. V1T 5S8
(250) 541-7611

Evolution of the SAMOSA/PAKORA

Offering premium quality samosas’ in more varieties & flavours than anyone else ANYWHERE!

We also offer a healthier version of the Samosa. Samosas are par-cooked when they are made and most restaurants then deep fry them a 2nd time prior to serving, we dont deep fry, as our samosas are cooked, using the latest technology to create a healthier product without compromising any taste or quality that you are used to.

We also serve “Pakora!”
Nothing goes better than serving pakoras’ to your guests as an appetizer or finger food snacks. Pakoras’ are vegetables, chicken, fish in a batter and lightly fried, they go well served as a combo platter with our samosa.

Checkout all that we offer for pickup and delivery below!

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Hand Made Samosas’
Samosas come in various sizes and unlimited filling options.
Our Samosas are brand quality premium standards and using our own exclusive method of  cooking without deep frying them, making our samosas a healthier option

Try one and you’ll be hooked! 

Samosa Joes Fresh Pakora


Hand made Pakoras’
irresistible! You’ll love our tasty pakoras’.
Our Pakoras are Premium Quality in available in Vegetable.
Available for pickup or delivery

Try one of these too and you’ll be hooked!

Events & Catering

Platters For Parties & Events

Custom Samosa & Pakora Platters
Having a Party, Event or a meeting?

We can help, whether its for 10 or 500, we’ll deliver your platters freshly made to your home, office and event.


Events & Catering

COMING SOON! Full Catering Services

Complete events Catering with our partner restaurants
We are your central hub for catering your next event.

We have partnered with A local catering restaurant to provide a complete service of full meal platters, Appetizer platters, whether its for 10 or 500 person event.


NANAK Foods (frozen & dairy)

Fully Cooked Frozen Meals
Quick & Easy! We carry premium Canadian fully cooked and frozen meal.
Keep them in the freezer as a quick meal when you don’t feel like cooking or ordering out

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The First Samosa Bakery in the Okanagan

Premium quality samosas’ in more varieties Than anyone else in the Okanagan

Fully Cooked or Par-Cooked (frozen)

We serve our samosa hot and fresh or you can take them home frozen to have as a snack or part of a meal.

Pickup or Delivery

Come down to our location and browse our in store specials or just get them delivered to your doorstep

Platters & More

Have an event or team meeting coming up? Let us take care of all your food with parnerships with local restaurnats to provide you the best catering service GUARANTEED!

Supporting Local!

Our Commitment to support and help grow our region by sourcing our samosa  ingredients and partners both locally and provincially: We also use a local company for our delivery services

Samosa Joes

First Samosa Bakery in the Okanagan.

Offering Premium Quality Samosa & Related Products

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